Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs
  • What is Lucrative Traffic?
  • Lucrative Traffic is an online business system that builds downlines and automatically makes affiliate sales in the "work-from-home" market niche.

    Our Traffic Builder system maximizes your use of a variety of traffic sources proven to respond to "work-from-home" business opportunities.

    Our Power Builder provides a seamless and foolproof way to automatically build downlines and commissions in popular affiliate programs in the "work-from-home" market niche.
  • Is Lucrative Traffic free to join?
  • Yes. You can join for free and continue to use our Traffic Builder for as long as you like with no further obligation. Our Power Builder is an optional add-on service for a small one-time payment (no subscription). Full details are provided in the free members area.
  • Can I earn money promoting Lucrative Traffic?
  • Yes. We use a 100% commission "1-Up" structure for our Power Builder affiliates. Our "1-Up" affiliate program generates $20 commissions over & over for each qualified sale of the Power Builder. Full details are provided inside the members area.
  • Can I earn Bitcoin?
  • Yes. Power Builder commissions are paid to our affiliates in Bitcoin or Litecoin. We also show you several ways to earn FREE Bitcoin!

    Earn risk-free Bitcoin and let it grow, or readily convert your cryptocurrency into your local currency if you so choose. Instructions are provided inside the members area.
  • Can I have multiple accounts?
  • No. Muliple accounts are not allowed. There is no reason to have more than one membership in Lucrative Traffic.
  • Is my personal information private?
  • Yes. Personal information provided to us is fully protected. We will never share your payment or credit card details with anyone. Any payments made by credit card are fully secure, and we never even see your credit card number.

    Your Lucrative Traffic sponsor will see limited information such as your Name, Username, eMail Address, Date Joined and Membership Level.

    Our full Privacy Policy can be reviewed in our Terms & Conditions for use of the site.

    We are separate from 3rd party affiliate programs and are not responsible for their privacy policies. For privacy in 3rd party affiliate programs, see those programs for details.
  • What if I am already a member of a program in downline builder?
  • Simply enter your existing affiliate details for any program that you are already a member of into the downline builder.

    You do NOT need to cancel any existing program and re-join under your Lucrative Traffic upline.
  • What if I forget my Username or Password?
  • Go to the member login page and click the link to recover your login details.

    On the next page, enter your registered contact email and your details will be sent to you.

    If you do not recall or have access to your registered contact email, please use the Support page to ask for help.
  • What if I have another question not answered here?
  • Additional FAQs are answered in the Lucrative Traffic members area.

    We are here to help. Please use the Support page to ask for help or request more information.

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